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Culture and Community are hands down the most overused terms in 2018 business, especially in fitness. It is extremely easy to talk about culture and community and all the warm fuzzy feelings that are implied when doing so as it prompts imagery of high 5's, team work and collaboration.

But what does it actually look like?

Is your community truly a united front that not only believes, but practices what you determine as culture?

This morning I introduced a new member to the 5:30 AM class. In doing so I had her share her goal with the group. She told the 5:30 AM veteran members that she wanted to "lose weight, tone up and get stronger". Pretty standard. What came next was far from standard and exceeded ALL expectations.

Knowing that this new member would be hearing plenty advice from me moving forward, I asked the veterans to give some advice to the wide eyed newcomer. To my delight, 5 different people volunteered their wisdom.

Not only did they show a sense of community and eagerness to help, but I couldn't have hand written better advice. It sounded like they were reading from a script, keep in mind this is at 5:30 AM on a Tuesday.

The group covered things such as sustainability, nutrition, sleep/ recovery, not using the scale as your indicator of success and not being intimidated by what others are doing.

These are ALL values that I hope to build this community and culture around. To hear members reiterate these profound and mature health and concepts with the intention to help a stranger was truly a special moment.

I am extremely grateful to have such giving people as a part of my community. Thank you.

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