Rep Scheme 101

Rep schemes explained. The "why" behind the different variations we use & video demonstration.

10-15 Reps

  • Goal: Gain Lean Muscle Mass

  • Benefit: The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn. As I sit at my desk and type, I weigh 185 pounds and have roughly 155 pounds of lean muscle mass. That lean muscle mass makes me a more efficient calorie burning machine 24/7.

  • Application: The last 3 reps in these sets should bring you close to failure. Yes, the weight is "lighter", but If you are not introducing the muscle to that level of stress you will not get the desired effect and lean muscle mass gains. Rest periods should be no more than 1 minute.


5-8 Reps

  • Goal: Strength Endurance

  • Benefit: Improve your ability to safely move heavier loads. Typically this is used for sports performance where explosive output is required such as football and basketball, especially when performed fast. You may also experience some lean muscle mass gain, however for the most part we are taking the muscle you already have and conditioning it to move more weight.

  • Application: Again, near failure or safe failure should be the goal - however you should experience that feeling on every rep. Rest periods should be from 2-3 minutes, allowing your body to recover and approach the same load or heavier again.


1-4 Reps

  • Goal: Maximal Power Output

  • Benefit: Improve overall ability to move heavy loads for 1 rep (maximal output).

  • Application: Raw strength. I believe that one's mental capacity and strength is huge factor in this phase. it is a great area to train in to sharpen your ability to thrive in extremely challenging situations inside and outside of the gym.

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