The Committed Club Explained and March - June Winners

Committed Club March - June

  1. ​Karen - 63 classes - Committed Club Champions Belt Winner

  2. Diana & Jenny - 57 classes

  3. Moe - 49 Classes

  4. Francesca - 43 classes

*the first rewards are based on our opening day (March 7) - end of June. Moving forward it will be a monthly tally of total classes.

When creating a recognition program I kicked around tons of ideas and settled on a very simple one that reflects one of our main values: CONSISTENCY.

What: Reward the people that show up the most.

Why: The people that show up most frequently will get results inside and outside of the gym.

I'm a firm believer that the community and class energy at Origin creates an environment in which you just have to show up and the rest takes care of itself. There is also value in finding a way to do something you know you need to do when it is not always ideal to do so.

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