Origin Community Values: Make the Room a Better Place

It's Monday, 5 minutes before class. You pull and schlep out of the car towards the door at 405 A Old County Rd. Upon entering you're greeted by your peers and coach and asked, "How's it going?!".

Challenge: Bringing awareness to how you answer that question.

  • Does your answer foster a positive, hard working community vibe?

  • Does your answer serve your purpose in the gym right now?

Reality: What you say, do and how you carry yourself does impact your experience and the people around you. Whether you realize it or like it - it does. This workout thing is hard enough - let's bring attention to the game face we wear during class in order to create the best training environment you've ever experienced.

There have been days where I schlep into the gym too. Luckily I'm usually greeted by a positive training partner such as Mike or Angelo who might be having a better day than me. Be that person who uplifts others. Make the gym, make EVERY room you step into a BETTER place. You DO have the power to do so and at Origin you have the responsibility to your peers to bring that positivity and can-do attitude.

Perspective Check Exercise: Watch this video (LINK) and think about the challenges we are facing vs the truly difficult challenges in life such as JJ's medical issues. Was your work week really that difficult? Is 75 minutes of workout really that difficult when you put it next to real life challenges?

With Love,


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