Simple Ergonomics for Coffee Shop & Work From Home Warriors

In 2018, many of us are able to work from the comfort of our own homes or in the corners of our favorite coffee shops. The freedom and flexibility this allows is great, however...


  • These spaces that haven't been optimized for long periods of sitting can take a toll on your body.

Simple Solutions:

  • Get Lifted (photo above): Elevate your laptop for a more ideal screen height. Use a backpack, bag or anything to elevate your screen to avoid looking down. This will reduce neck, trap and shoulder tension. Try to find something that creates a near eye-level height.

  • Mouse Trap: Get a USB or bluetooth mouse opposed to using your touchpad. Using a touchpad causes you to close your shoulders and fold forward creating shoulder impingement. LINK

  • GET UP: Set a timer for 40-60 min. Get up, drink water, do some squats, touch your toes, go outside for a bit.

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