Footwear 101

In an effort to continually make your workouts more effective, I've compiled a list of proper footwear for your workouts at Origin.

All Purpose Shoes

All purpose shoes are your best bet for your day to day workouts of your workouts at Origin. I love these because they are appropriate for everything we do from heavy squats to box jumps to short runs and everything in between. If you happened to be running more than 400 meters, I'd opt for a more traditional running shoe. However, it is fine for most of the sprint and heavy carries that we do.

Shown: Nike Metcon 4, Reebok Nano 8

Other comparable models: Adidas Crazy Train, Nobull Trainer

Deadlift / Squat Specific

The classic Chuck Taylor provides a minimal, but firm sole which some athletes prefer for lifts such as the deadlift and squat. Although they were used originally for basketball in the 60's, I would not recommend performing anything but isolation movements, deadlifts and squats in this shoe. More dynamic movements such as jumping or running will be much easier in an all purpose shoe above.

Shown: Converse Chuck Taylor

*Nike recently acquired Converse and makes the Chuck Taylor II, which boasts all the benefits of the original chucks PLUS a much more comfortable Nike style insole.

Olympic Weightlifting / Squat

If you are venturing into Olympic Weightlifting, these are a great investment. At a slightly higher price point, they are worth every penny for your journey in this sport. Olympic Weightlifting shoes provide sport specific benefits such as a higher heel, allowing athletes to achieve better ankle flexion and maintain a tall back angle while performing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You may also use these for any squat variation as they provide a very stable platform.

Shown: Nike Romaleos 3

Other comparable models: Reebok Legacy Lifter, Nike Romaleos 2 (wider toe box than Romaleos 3), Adidas Leistung II (very narrow fit) and AdiPower Lifter (similar fit to Nike Romaleos 2)

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