Relationship based coaching, a personalized and balanced approach to fitness. From weekly mindset check ins, to professionals guided quarterly mindset-performance seminars, we provide the tools for our community to maximize their performance in the gym and in life. 

Dario Tejo, moving people from thinking, to doing, their absolute best every day.

As far back as he can remember, sports was a huge part of his life. As a child, he lived for recess football and soccer games and as soon as school was over, picked up a ball, bat or a glove and hit the streets with his brother. HIs passion to excel at sports brought him to the weightroom as a 5’11”, 140 lb Varsity Soccer Player at Aragon High School in San Mateo. As he learned about strength training, he unlocked confidence on AND off the field. From there, he was hooked. 


After high school he went to college half heartedly, but his mind and heart was in the gym. Even while successfully climbing the ranks of Bank of America and Citibank from 2008-2015, his passion was fitness, and in 2013 it shifted from an internal passion, to sharing his passion with others by teaching them about their own health and fitness. 


From 2013-2015 he trained personal training clients and taught bootcamps before and after his day job, slowly gaining the experience, confidence and clientele needed to transition into fitness full time. Since then he’s tried it all - from Men’s Physique, to CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting. This vast experience shaped his approach to Origin. He had yet to find a place that honored each of the individual gym members, including his own. 


In February of 2018, he got the keys to 405a Old County Rd, and Origin opened doors 1 month later. Origin was created to be an authentic training space for the world to experience - a safe space where people of different shapes, backgrounds and abilities levels can explore their strongest self.

"With time and patience, I can do anything"

— Dario Tejo

Heather Allegro, instill confidence in others to know anything is possible.

Heather found fitness searching for direction and leadership in life. She knew that fitness gave her a new feeling of confidence and wanted to be around like minded people so she applied at a local fitness facility. From day 1 of working there she felt a passion and fulfillment from helping others that was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Since then, she has been on a mission to spread her passion in the form of coaching.


In her own pursuits of health, Heather is a fierce competitor that has competed in Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit and most recently - Powerlifting. In 2018 she reached out to Dario because she wanted to get more out of her training and “level up”. After a year or so of training under the guidance of Origin, an opportunity came up to coach at Origin. It was naturally a great fit and a smooth transition from member to coach because she understands and lives our values every single day.


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