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My gift: I see potential in people and helping them fulfill potential through training of the mind and body




I instill confidence in others, so that they realize anything is possible

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Brendan "Don"

Fitness isn’t owned, it’s leased and rent is due every day



Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts


In 2013, while still working full-time at Citibank, Dario sub-leased a space at a personal training gym not far from where Origin would open 5 long years later. Before and after banking hours, he trained clients - sometimes for free or very little money. At this point, there was no intention to quit his well-paying, stable full-time job - he was simply following a calling. Working out, and now sharing the benefits of doing so was always the answer to, “What would you do if money wasn’t an object?”. His thoughts around health and exercise were hardly complete in 2013, but every time he shared his gift with another family member or client, he felt a sense of fulfillment and purpose - those two elements became the fuel for his fire. The fire allowed him to show up as his most vibrant self even after excruciating branch-audit days, after-hour mortgage cold-call nights, and other duties that came with assistant-managing a financial institution. No matter how tired he was, as soon as the lights turned on in the dark, empty gym - he came alive. 


In his transition from full-time banker, to becoming a  “trainer”, Dario tried everything: from part time trainer / gym- towel-folder, to screaming microphone bootcamp instructor, private training, nutrition coaching, and a partner at a Crossfit gym. All of these experiences had a part in shaping what Origin would eventually become. In 2018 a long time personal training client introduced Dario to a commercial real estate agent who had an off-market commercial lease at 405 A Old County Rd. The building was 1700 dusty square feet with a sink in the middle of what is now the gym floor, cheap tiles glued to the concrete floor and vinyl panels glued to the cement walls… so naturally, he took it. 


The vision for 405 A (name TBD at the time) was to provide an authentic training experience that honored each member’s unique path, and bright futures. To do so he reflected on his own path as a health professional and started to pull what he felt would add the most value to each of his future members. The thesis behind what became Origin is that the human touch is undefeated - and he explored that thesis with what has become Origin’s business model today. 


After many iterations, in 2018 Origin opened with the goal of blending private training and group energy in one space. To honor each person’s unique needs, they are paired with a dedicated coach that not only runs the classes and provides individualized attention in person but provides weekly feedback across our STEM Pillars of Health (Sleep, Train, Eat, Mental Health). The Origin coaching team works tirelessly with other specialized professionals from Mental-Health coaches, Fitness-Business Leaders, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists to continue to grow and provide the tools needed for their members to explore their gift, live a life of fulfillment and purpose - and find their fire. 

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Heather found fitness searching for direction and leadership in life. She knew that fitness gave her a new feeling of confidence and wanted to be around like-minded people so she applied at a local fitness facility. From the jump, she knew she had found her purpose. Answering her calling to help others explore their strongest self through health is what keeps her coming back to her coaching practice. She felt a passion and fulfillment from helping others that were unlike anything she had ever felt before. Since then, she has been on a mission to empower others through her work.


In her own pursuits of health, Heather is a fierce competitor that has competed in Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit and Powerlifting. In 2018 she reached out to Dario because she wanted to get more out of her training and “level up”. After a year or so of training under the guidance of Origin, an opportunity came up to coach at Origin. It was naturally a great fit and a smooth transition from member to coach because she understands and lives our values every single day.

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Don's love for fitness has been with him from a very young age. As a kid, he loved watching and sports put his hands into a little bit of everything but enjoyed baseball and basketball, and ultimate frisbee the most. The thrill of competing is what drove him to always work his hardest and develop the mindset that if you put 100% effort and stay consistent, you can overcome anything. If we push ourselves physically and mentally in the gym, it provides the confidence outside of the gym and allows us to become our best selves.  Don hopes to lead, encourage and support the members of Origin as they begin their own journey with fitness.


Don grew up in San Mateo, CA, and graduated from Aragon High School before moving on to graduate from UC Davis with a degree in managerial economics. His fitness credentials include NASM CPT as well as a CrossFit level 1 certification. Don became a member at Origin in early 2020 for about 6 months before transitioning to a coach in July 2020.


Outside the gym, Don loves to be outdoors, especially with his dog, a Belgian Malinois named Kona. He enjoys taking her on adventures from small trail hikes to extended backpacking trips. Don is a fan of multiple genres of music including classic rock, blues, country, hip hop, and electronic. 

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Sarah’s fitness journey is one that has been filled with constant effort and fight. Unlike most stories, fitness hadn’t become a part of Sarah's life until about her mid-20s through running. Over time, Sarah noticed herself hitting a plateau and in effort to improve her time splits, began to look into strength training. By incorporating a strength pursuit Sarah gained confidence inside and out, and enhanced her running performance. From there Sarah found herself exploring other fitness communities such as CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, competitive powerlifting and continues to feel empowered those pursuits. Through Sarah’s journey, she has developed an unwavering resilience, self-discipline, and confidence that she hopes to instill in her clients.


Sarah grew up in Taipei, Taiwan where she later graduated from the National Taipei University of Education, with a focus on Children’s education. She moved to America four years ago, joined Origin as a member in November 2019 and transitioned to a coach as of August 2021. Sarah's driving force is her commitment to helping others realize their truest potential, and providing the physical and mental tools needed to fulfill that potential. 


In her spare time, Sarah loves to cook and workout with her husband, FaceTime with her family back in Taiwan, and take care of her beloved plants at home. 

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