"Quite frankly, this is the only business model I'd feel comfortable putting my name behind"

Dario Tejo

After years of trying to be what I was "supposed to be" I decided to be what I wanted to be.

My path to gym ownership was quite unconventional, but I appreciate every step I took because it gave me a unique perspective on health and fitness. During my 7 year stint with Bank of America and Citibank, I spent the last 2 years training private clients and teaching bootcamps before and after work. I knew that if I didn't try to create a job for myself in the health industry I would regret it forever. So I did. 

At first I saw my lack of formal experience as a disadvantage. Yet as I began to understand what my clients needed, I identified how my unique skillset and undying passion to help people become stronger inside and out would ultimately separate me from the field.

After competing in Men's Physique, Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit and teaching numerous styles of functional bootcamps, I came to the realization that this health and fitness journey is a moving target. Thus, it needs to be taught and coached as such. There is no single fitness or nutrition plan that is right for the masses, so I work by honoring your path and working to gain an understanding of the next place you want to go and how your health fits that journey. 

At Origin we have the autonomy to pivot and create the best experience for our members. As I sat in coffee shops all over the Peninsula and thought about the business model, I landed on this personalized experience because quite frankly, this is the only model I'd feel comfortable putting my name behind.

I sincerely believe that this is the right way to teach health and fitness.